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Q. How do I access My Web Hosting Control Panel?


Once you receive your hosting signup notice you will then login to your account with webkor.com by going to our home page, www.webkor.com, and clicking the "Login" button at top right.

Login to your webkor account. Proceed to "Manage Domains" under "Domains" heading in left-hand navigation menu or from the center of the web page under "Package Information" --> View/Edit (number of domains in your account).

It will bring up the domain manager with a listing of your domains. Note the Icons next to the domain and read the legend. To access your Web Hosting Control Panel, click the "H" icon.

This will bring up the details for your hosting account. Scroll down to the "Access Info" table. You will find your link to the control panel there. You can bookmark it or follow this procedure each time you want to log in.

Your username for this control panel is always the domain name and the password you chose when purchasing your web hosting account.

Username/Domain: yourdomain.com
Password: [password you chose during signup]

Once logged in you will see all of your tools and controls. Please note that there are extensive Help Sections in all of our control panels.

If you have questions, please try to find your answer in the help sections before submitting a ticket. You might learn pertinent things as you explore plus you will most likely find your answers there, solidifying your knowledge of how to use the numerous features in the control panel!

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