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Q. How do I set up email accounts in Outlook or similar Mail Transfer Agent?

A. For Outlook, or similar, set up make sure you have the format below. Usually the biggest problem is the user name.
Our system uses the full email address as the user name.

Incoming/Outgoing Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Username: username@yourdomain.com
Password: 12345678 (8 character limit)
Also, please make sure that SMTP authentication is turned ON.

To enable SMTP authentication in Office Outlook:
1) Open Outlook
2) Select "Tools" --> Account Settings
3) Highlight the desired email address and select "Change"
4) Click the "More Settings" button
4) Under the "SERVERS" tab, check "My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication"
5) Select the radio button "Use same settings as my incoming mail server

To enable SMTP authentication on Outlook Express:
1) Open Outlook Express
2) Select "Tools" from the menu bar
3) Click on "Accounts" from the drop down menu
4) High-light desired email account from list
5) Select "Properties"
6) Select the "Servers" tab
7) Check "My Server Requires Authentication" below "Outgoing Mail Server"

You can also login to your web control panel to check email accounts user names/passwords or use webmail at any time by surfing to: http://www.webkor.us/

*Tip - we provide free email Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering.
If you"d like to take advantage of these features:
1) Log in to web control panel and click Email --> EasyMail Setup
2) Make sure you have the "Anti-virus" box checked when you log in to your web control panel.
3) For EACH account on the "Accounts" tab of EasyMail setup, click each user name and be sure "Spam Filtering" is checked. Use the "Advanced" button for advanced filtering and setting special rules (blacklist, whitelist, etc.). *Remember, spam filtering is set per EACH account. The settings for one account can be different from another.

*For some ISPís (cable, dsl connection etc) if you have trouble sending or receiving email, you can change default port assignments to one of the below (numbers-only and in this order)
PORT: 125
PORT: 1025

Note: Default Ports for Email; POP: 110, IMAP:25
You should leave those at the defaults unless you encounter problems with IMAP as mentioned above.
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